No doubling back Chord Guitar - Jason Mraz

tabbed by Andy Shields (*) from the newest live album

standard tuning E A D G B e


A [x02200]
D [xx0230]
F#m [244222]
E [022100]
A [x02220]
C#m [x46654]
Bm [x24432]
E / G# [422100]

These are the basic chords for the song.

Intro: Let the open notes ring throughout riff


Verses: A D

"I would like to hold your hand....."

Chorus: F#m E A

"I wonder which one of us is gonna state the obvious..."

Bridge: D C#m F#m Bm E E

"Oh love, when it rains it's sure to pour...."

There it is. The strumming patterns are pretty self explanatory... have fun!!!

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